Iguide.to is a private and free live streaming cdn platform.

Available Features:

- Simple interface with ability to create several channels at the same time.

- Secure broadcast: your channel is protected so they can't steal your channel.

- Anonymous broadcast: we do not keep tracking who is broadcasting and there is no log. Nobdy will know who you are, where you are from.

- High performance with the ability to serve up to 200K concurrent connections.

- Private broacasting platform with the purpose to reseve bandwidth for current broadcasters. You are in good hands with us!

- Smart CDN network to deliver the traffic where it matter mosts!

- Less ads than other competitors. More viewers will watch your channels when you broadcast with us.

- Geographical servers for origin serves. We have setup different servers in different locations that are close to you, so you can broadcast to it with low latency.

- Anti DDOS protection: people always try to attack a live streaming service to make the service interruptted. Our platform has commercial, enterprise grade DDOS protection to help prevent DDOS attacks to your streams.

- User loyalty: if you are a broadcaster, we need you to stream with us all the time. If you don't use our service, we will disable your account.

- NEW - Dynamic secure token is in place now to prevent re-streaming and link sharing for your channels.

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